How To Play

Snakes & Husks Adult Game

Feel free to adapt these rules as you see fit.  Have fun!


  1. All players pick their game piece.
  2. All players roll the dice; highest number plays first.
  3. All players take a shot of choice and take off one piece of clothing.
  4. Jewelry, hats and glasses do not count as articles of clothing.
  5. Socks and shoes count as articles of clothing
  6. All players should start the game with the same amount of clothing. Players with less clothing receive Snakes & Husks tokens to make up the difference. One token equals one item of clothing.


Let’s Get it on!

  1. A player landing on a square with a pecker moves up the snake and must remove one article of clothing or cash in a token.
  2. A player landing on a square with a coconut tree goes down and puts on one article of clothing.
  3. A player landing on a square that says to remove an article of clothing must do so – a token cannot be used.


The Climax

  1. To win the round or game, a player must land exactly on square 100.  Example: a player on square 97 must roll a three to land on square 100 to win. If the player rolls a five, they count three to the 100 square and then two back to land on square 98.
  2. The first player to land on square 100 wins the round and gets to take a shot, and put on an article of clothing or receive a token if they have all of their clothes on. All other players take a shot.
  3. All players start the next round together at the beginning in the state of dress they were in after the previous round concluded.